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A little slice of BLING

We all like some sort of bling, you know, some piece of jewelry that just fits our style. Some of us are more adventurous than others, wearing the heaviest, brightest and costliest bling around. We like to hear it chime in the wind, or shake when we bop our heads. We like the reflective power…

Introducing Mario’s Supreme Pizzas

Mario’s fantabulous Supreme Pizzas come smothered with melted cheddar cheese and our secret sauce that people talk about. Topped with your choice of farm fresh vegetables and or mouth-watering meats. (Or cheese aficionados if you prefer mozzarella, just say so and it’s prepared just the way you like it.) Supreme Pizza is new. It’s loaded….

Mario’s has partnered with USPORTT to encourage and reward our youth who have excelled in sports.

Recognizing our nation’s youth requires a forum through which they can express themselves, learn discipline and deter them from a life of crime, Mario’s has embarked on a mission to show these kids how much our brand cares about their development & future! Together with USPORTT, we will be visiting various communities throughout the nation…