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Need to Raise Money? Host a ‘Pizzaque’!

Mario’s Pizza extends a helping hand to charitable organisations and NGOs requesting assistance. ‘Pizza-ques’ were created as as a fundraising opportunity for organisations that need cash donations and are stumped for ideas. The neediest of cases are granted approval to host a Pizza-que, which can be for medical expenses, school projects, charity fundraisers, churches…the list goes on!

How Does it Work?

Your organisation purchases Pizza-que tickets from Mario’s Pizza, which you may resell at $25 each (VAT inclusive). Your charity or cause will earn $5 from every ticket sold that is redeemed in a Mario’s location, but can earn the full $25 if the ticket is bought but never used. When your tickets are purchased, customers can redeem them at any Mario’s restaurant nationwide. The tickets will entitle them to a Mini One Topping Pizza and a 16oz Coca Cola, and are good for three months.

With a run of minimum 1,000 tickets, your charity or cause has the potential of earning $5,000 if all tickets are sold. Best of all, you are saved the stress that comes with organising a big fundraiser!

Contact Mario’s

Many organisations have hosted their own Pizza-que, so if you’ve got a need, we’ve got the answer! Contact Mario’s at pizzaque@mymarios.com, and provide some details on how Mario’s can help you today.

Further Details

  • All prospective Pizza-que Applicants must submit a letter in writing stating: 1. The purpose of the Pizza-que Fund-raising Activity 2. The Name & Contact Information for the principal Fund-raiser.
  • 1,000 Tickets are the minimum amount awarded.
  • ALL clients must pay the printing cost of the Tickets. The cost of printing 1,000 Tickets is $575.00.
  • A ticket will be sold for $25.00.
  • For every ticket that is sold and is redeemed the client receives $5.00 and the Company $20.00.
  • For every ticket that is sold and not redeemed the client keeps the $25.00.
  • Each ticket is valid for 3 months. Each ticket has a Beginning Date and an Expiry Date.
  • After the 3 month Expiry Date the client will be given one month approximately before being invoiced.
  • All clients will receive a telephone call, informing them, the total amount of tickets redeemed and the amount payable to Mario’s.
  • The amount payable to Mario’s must be made via a CERTIFIED CHEQUE ONLY.