2014 National Pizza-eating Championships

Mario’s National Pizza-eating Championship is back with a bang! This year, as a special treat for the 4th anniversary of the event, a group category will be introduced where teams of four people will be invited to participate in the competition.

The regional and the final competitions will be hosted by Slam 100.5 FM and the events will be streamed live.

Individuals Prizes

  • GRAND PRIZE: 1 YEAR OF FREE PIZZA (1 Medium 1-Topping Pizza per week for 52 weeks) PLUS an iPad
  • 2nd Place: 3 month’s supply of Pizza (1 Medium 1-Topping Pizza per week for 12 weeks) PLUS an iPad Mini
  • 3rd Place: 1 month supply of Pizza (1 Medium 1-Topping Pizza per week for 4 weeks) PLUS an Amazon Kindle

Group Prizes

  • GRAND PRIZE  of $10,000!!

2014 National Pizza-Eating Championship Schedule

Region Mario’s Location Date Directions
East Arima, O’meara Rd Sat 23rd Aug, 1-3pm
East St. Augustine Sat 30th Aug, 1-3pm
Central Montrose Sat 6th Sep, 1-3pm
South Marabella Sat 13th Sep, 1-3pm
Finale Trincity Mall Sat 20th Sep, 1-3pm

2014 National Pizza-Eating Championship Registration

Regional Registration closed.

Participant Rules

  • You must be between the ages of 16 and 50. You must sign a waiver prior to participation.
  • Each Saturday, for 4 consecutive Saturdays, contestants compete in 4 regional competitions – South, Central, East & West.
  • Regional competitions begin promptly at 1pm.
  • Regional contestants must present themselves in person at least one hour prior to the competition start time in order to sign in. Latecomers or absentees will lose their spot and will not be able to compete.
  • Online Regional registration closes Wednesday at noon, on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday contest.
  • 15 Individual Contestants will compete in rounds of 5 persons each. 6 Teams will compete in rounds of 2 teams each.
  • The top 3 Individual Contestants who have eaten the most pizza slices in 5 minutes will move forward to the Grand Finale.
  • The top team that has the fastest eating time under 7 minutes will advance to the Grand Finale.
  • In the event of a tie, the crowd can decide the winner as the participants will have 1 minute to appeal to the crowd.
  • Round winners receive a Mario’s Pizza voucher for FREE Mario’s Pizza.
  • You may compete in any regional competition but we prefer that you represent the area you live in. Show some community pride!
  • If you do not place in the top 3 in your chosen region, you may compete in another region.
  • Regional finalists MUST participate in the National Pizza-Eating Championship Grand Finale on Sat 20th Sep, at 1pm.

Pizza-Eating Rules

  • In each round, individual contestants must eat as many slices of pizza as possible within 5 minutes.
  • Only whole slices of pizza will be counted, crust included! Partially eaten pizzas will not be counted.
  • Contestants are not allowed to stack their slices or to immerse/douse their slices in water.
  • The contestants may drink beverages during the competition. Water will be provided.
  • Contestants must keep the food down for 2 minutes after the contest ends to be eligible to win.
  • Contestants agree that the judges’ decision is final.
  • Contestants agree to their name and likeness appearing in the media.