New Day. New Realities

Hello Everyone

It is great to be in touch with you again. Many of us faced challenging months recently. Although technology kept us connected, being physically apart made the measures to manage the crisis difficult for most. As a people, we did our part, and because of this, our daily lives are gradually returning to some degree of normalcy. We are so happy to, once again, to be serving you, although somewhat differently.

It’s Not Over

Although restrictions are being loosened, we cannot let our guard down. At our restaurants, we have put measures in place for the safety of staff and customers. When next you visit Mario’s restaurant, you will see hand sanitisers upon entry, high-touch areas being regularly cleaned, and for dine-in customers, seating that meets with the recommended physical distancing as suggested by the Ministry of Health. We encourage you to also continue following the guidelines of the health experts as you go about your day. It cannot be said enough that we are in this together.

What Now?

Where do we go from here Trinidad and Tobago? In many ways, life will not return to the way it used to be, and that’s for the better. The crisis made us realise many possibilities that were either a long-running dream or never even thought of. Supermarkets have introduced home delivery of groceries. Working from home happened after many years of it being only an idea. Several other industries adapted to the situation, realising new ways of operating. For us in the restaurant business, curb-side pickup was introduced generally and from the looks of it, it is here to stay. That’s great news for those always on the go.

What’s New

We have great news. On the horizon is our newest branch, opening soon in St. Helena. Expect the same great taste that you love in modern comfort with possibly a few new treats.

Feels Good

With cabin fever behind us, let us all continue to be safe whenever we are in shared public places.