A healthy staff means a happy staff

It is said that your health is your wealth. This is so true. Think of how ill health takes away from not only your wellbeing, but also your productivity and profitability. Many of us are so busy, we do not take time out of our day to monitor our health.

Mario’s felt a need to bring awareness to staff on the importance of checking our health status regularly because many illnesses can be prevented or managed once detected early.

As a result, free blood sugar and pressure tests were provided to employees across the pizza chain. This initiative prompted further investment in health for staff. A 90 day weight loss challenge was introduced.

To kick off this effort, on Monday 24th April, at the Aranguez Savannah, a fun run was organised. With the motivation of a personal trainer, staff ran three laps around the savannah. Not all made the three laps, however, everyone was happy with the launch of the weight loss challenge and are actively working on taking a few inches off their waistline.