Bringing the Gift of Mario’s Home

For Christmas 2016, Mario’s selected 5 homes across the country to share some Christmas cheer with. Each was selected by an internal Mario’s cluster and visited by Mario himself as well as our promo team and the respective area managers accompanied by restaurant managers and staff to distribute christmas gifts, toiletries and food items. Residents were also treated to pizza and mario’s giveaways.

The 5 homes we visited this year were: Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery; which was also this year’s Mario’s Pizza Pledge, where we matched what customers donated toward the home. The other homes were:

Amica House (St Augustine)

Margaret Kistow Home (Arima)

Mother’s Union Children’s Home ( San Fernando)

Simeanne Home for the elderly (St James)

Photos from our visits can be found on our Facebook page here:

They were also present at several charitable events including Agape Christmas treat for kids at Powder Magazine and we provided prizes for many other Christmas treats throughout the country.