Know Yuh Pan!

Mario’s prides itself as being a true Trini company. We celebrate all that it means to be Trinidadian and over the past 47 years have supported many social, sporting and cultural activities. For Carnival 2019, we decided to launch Know Yuh Pan, a 5-part series of videos that explores the fascinating world of our national instrument.


This decision was conceived out of belief that as a country, we generally have limited knowledge about the pan industry, outside of the annual Panorama competition held at carnival time; and thus, Know Yuh Pan was born.  Our intention was to make fun, but informative material that can be shared and used to educate Trinis, both local and abroad.


In our national instrument, the steelpan, we have something that’s truly unique, a source of national pride.  Through the series, we explore some of the facets of the pan phenomenon. From its manufacturing process where we visit Gillpans, a preferred manufacturer and provider of the Steelpan instrument; to the actual musical arranging of a pan orchestra with the National Steel Symphony. We delve into the impact that pan has had on those that have chosen to make it a part of their lives, its influence on the musical scene, and most importantly you get to meet some fascinating pan people.


We invite you to check it out here, share it with your friends and family and get to Know Yuh Pan, a little better!