Mario’s treats the Morvant Jets!

Mario’s heads to Morvant to make it all happen for the Morvant Jets Athletic Club!

Witnessing the founder’s passion for youths, it’s only fitting Mario’s extends its hand to reward Mr. Franklyn Francis and his team for a job well done. Mr. Francis has continued his work developing these children even after being a victim of stroke- a display of true commitment, pride and passion.

This club was formally established in 1973 but has informally existed since 1966 with the aim to help in the development of young individuals through sports, whilst building the community, despite the constraints within the dubbed ‘depressed area’.

Currently the club consists of over 40 athletes and remains an important part of the community, giving children a sense of belonging and supporting their development to become better individuals through sports. Some of the young stars include Andreen Sylvester, Shakiah Phillips, Joel Romain and many others.

The club was very thankful for the opportunity to treat their young athletes to a day out, full of pizza and drinks compliments Mario’s Pizzeria. Morvant Jets visited Mario’s San Juan and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (in pictures).

Mario’s is pleased to support this club as it continues to produce outstanding athletes and continues to make a difference in the lives of young citizens in the community of Morvant.