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Ultimate DealGet 3 Family Specialty Pizzas and 2 x 2-litre drinks for $300Mega Meal DealGet 2 Family Specialty Pizzas and 1 x 2-litre drink for $200

Moreish Menu

Feeling for a bit more? See these options to fix your cravings, any day of the week! Call 225-KING for Curbside Pickup or Delivery   2 Pc Chicken and Fries – $20* 2 Burgers – Classic or Veggie – $40 2 Personal 1 Topping Pizzas – $40 2 Loaded Fries – $60 2 Artisan Sandwiches…

Winner's Row

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2015 National Pizza-eating Contest Team Winner

The accolades for 2015 Team Winners went to Just Bring D Pizza. In second place was Iron Stomach.

2015 National Pizza-eating Contest Individual Winner

In the Individual category, Peterson McDavid ate his way to first place. Following him were Kenson Bryce and Kerron Borneo respectively in 2nd and 3rd places.


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