The Sea Is Calling

“Sea” our delightful specials available for Lent

Answer the call of the sea and your appetite.


Spicy Baked Fish Sandwich. Here’s a great catch for only $25. As a combo it’s just $35.


2 Pieces Spicy Baked Fish and reg. fries with a 16oz drink for $45.


Smoked Herring Artisan Sandwich. Sink your teeth into a season favourite for just $39 or have it as a combo for $53


Smoked Herring Pizza, the one that started it all. Get your own personal pizza for $60. Share a Medium for $90

and go Large for $125.


Saltfish pizza. So different. So tasty. Personal size at $60. Medium at $90. Large at $125.



Who said that a no-meat choice is boring? Not at Mario’s. See our veggie specials below:

Specialty Pizzas

Choose either Personal for $35, Medium for $90 or Large for $125 with topping choices of Garden Delight, Veggie Deluxe or Veggie Max.

Supreme Pizzas

Enjoy either the Veggie Roma or Sweet & Spicy as a Personal Pizza at $40, Medium at $105 or Large at $140.

Multigrain Pizza

Healthy and tasty for only $60, topped with green peppers and mushrooms.

Artisan Sandwich

Have your sandwich alone for $39 or as a combo for $53.

Burger Combo

Made with soya, your all veggie costs $34.


Fresh and ready to eat for $39.