A Fete-free February

As awesome and exhilarating as our Carnival is, it’s not for everyone and even if you usually participate, you simply might not be feeling it this year. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so perhaps skipping a year will make the next year’s feel even better! Whatever your reasons for foregoing Carnival 2020, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated some entertaining alternatives that will be sure to delight you and your family.

Go “Down D Islands”

There’s no better place to ride out the storm of Carnival than on one of the quiet isles just off the Chaguaramas peninsula. There are many houses available for rent on a short term basis, as well as a hotel. While there, you can BBQ or make a cook-up, swim, laze on the sand, or simply do nothing at all.



If traveling by boat isn’t your cup of tea, seaside pleasures can be had via land. Take the scenic drive to the east coast where you’ll find miles and miles of picturesque coastline. There are many guest houses, vacation homes and hotels available for booking; and if you’re into camping, the east coast is a popular campers’ destination. Just remember to bring lots of bug spray and pick up your favourite Mario’s Pizza for the drive up!


Heading over to our sister Isle

Although Tobago hosts its own Carnival celebrations, it’s on a much smaller scale, so there aren’t the usual problems of heavy traffic and street closures to contend with. While there, there are countless options for relaxations, sightseeing, eco-tourism, entertainment; and there is no shortage of accommodations available for every size budget.


Catch up on household projects

With the extra downtime afforded by the Carnival holidays, it might be a good time to complete that home improvement you’ve been putting off since last year. Didn’t get to paint your house for Christmas as you had a constant stream of (hungry and thirsty) visitors? Now’s your chance to get that stuff done! You could even skip the dishes and cooking and order a Mario’s Family Lime for delivery and avoid the carnival traffic while you’re at it!