Active Children are Happy Children

A lot has been said about this generation’s fondness for electronic devices and though technology has made life easier, an Ipad or smartphone is no substitute for the joy of physical play and the health benefits that accompany it.

So, to help you get your kids back out into the real world, we’ve made a list of ways that you can make playtime more enticing for your little ones.

  1. Find out what they like

Talk to your kids, find out what they’re interested in, whether it be sports or other physical activities. Chances are, if they enjoy doing it, they’ll need little encouragement to keep at it.

  1. Make sure they play safe

Ensure that whatever their chosen activity is, that they’re doing it safely; this means checking out the environment and doing safety checks for potential hazards as well as confirming that they have the proper safety equipment and clothing available.

  1. Talk to your pediatrician

Understanding your child’s physical activity needs can be made easier by consulting your child’s doctor. They will know what’s best for them based on their age, weight and other factors.

  1. Turn off the TV

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 1-2 hours of total screen time per day, this includes not just television, but also smartphones, computers, tablets and video games. Any other extra time can be spent on physical activity.

  1. Make time for play

Children are often heavily burdened with homework and other extra-curriculars. Taking time to plan out your child’s time with them can be a huge benefit to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.