Carnival Safety Starts with You!

Carnival 2019 is almost here, and while hitting the gym and shedding that holiday weight might be on a lot of people’s minds right now, staying safe and enjoying carnival responsibly is also very important. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you celebrate safely!


Buy tickets only from authorized dealers

Trinis are world-class procrastinators, we love doing everything last minute, but waiting until the day of the event to purchase tickets is a surefire way of ruining your night. Getting to the front of that long line, only find out that your ticket is counterfeit is a serious killjoy. This also applies to buying from scalpers, so be careful with your fete funds this year!


Stick together

Yes, it might be tempting to chase after that sexy red man or the sweet darkie with the bess body, but losing your crew is no fun, especially when you’re the designated driver for the team. Have a plan in place for where you intend to meet up in case you get separated and a plan B for transport in case you miss your ride. Looking for a taxi after a fete is serious headache, so avoid it if you can.


Don’t Drink and Drive

With a ton of ridesharing apps and private taxi services available, there really is zero excuse for drinking and driving. Not everyone wants to be a designated driver, so put you and your team’s safety above all else and make arrangements to get you and your party to the fete and back safely.


Be aware of your surroundings

Amidst the glitter and finery of the greatest show on earth, not all that glitters is gold. Being situationally aware is the first step to avoiding unwanted circumstances. Don’t stray into areas that aren’t busy or poorly lit. If you notice the crowd beginning to move in a particular direction, do not attempt to go directly against it, rather try to make your way to outskirts in a diagonal motion if possible.


Don’t over consume

The vibes will continue flowing even if the alcohol isn’t. There’s “feeling nice” and then there’s being out of control. Be sure to know your limit and play within it, and you and your crew will all make it home in one piece with plenty of sweet memories!