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    Father’s Day 2017

    Father, Dad, Daddy, Pops, Pa; no matter what you call him, he’s the one that helped bring you into this world, who helped raised you or has simply been a fatherly figure in your life. This Father’s Day, we look at ways to celebrate the men that have sacrificed and given so much to us.

    Let him rest!

    Dad works all week and then on weekends, he gets to do yardwork and other chores that Mom just needs to have done that weekend (or at least it seems that way!) Give him a reprieve from his usual duties and take care of it yourself, if you’re not so inclined, maybe hire a professional landscaper or painter to come spruce up the homestead, it’s a win-win that’ll be sure to make both Dad AND Mom happy!

    Feed him!

    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not prepare his favorite meal or meals on this special day, starting with breakfast; this one’s easy if he loves doubles in the morning! Fire up the grill and make his favorite BBQ meat or bubble a pot of fish broth if that’s his thing. Is pops a pizza lover? Call us up and we’ll deliver his favorite pizza, just the way he likes it!

    Appreciate him!

    Sometimes the simplest way to show dad how you feel is to just to give him a big hug and tell him, call or skype him if you need to; he’s sure to be touched by the words and often you are all that he needs to make his special day even more special!