Father’s Day 2019 – What Dads Really Want!

The time has come to celebrate the Kings in our lives, those special men that have given their all to raise us, delight us with their corny jokes, man the grill at family barbecues and teach us to ride our first bicycles, although not in that particular order!

So, what do Dad’s really want? We’ve come up with a few of the top trending requests by dads so you can give Dad a break with the socks, ties and underwear this year!


The modern father just loves his big boy toys, of course each dad is different, so try to find something that’ll really be useful in his everyday life. If your dad is an avid handyman, a nice multi-tool that he can keep in his pocket is the perfect gift, you can bet he’ll be just itching to whip it out and save the day the next time a screw needs tightening or a package opening.


Serving him his favorite food is a surefire way to show Dad how much you care. But don’t stop at just one dish, make it an all-day affair starting with breakfast! You can maybe cheat a little by ordering his favorite Mario’s Pizza for dinner! Be sure to order another one for the rest of the family so that he can have as many slices as he wants, it’s his day after all!

Your Time

Being a full-time dad is akin to being a superhero, and even heroes need help sometimes. Dedicate some of your time this Father’s Day to helping him get a few tasks done, maybe clean the drains around your home, or clear the guttering that’s choked up with mango leaves; whatever the task, he’ll surely be grateful for the help. When you’re done, be sure to spend some time with him, listening to his stories, these are the moments that you’ll remember for years to come!