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    Gift Ideas for everyone in your life!

    They say Christmas is for children, but many adults enjoy the gift-giving (and receiving) that accompanies the Christmas season, ourselves included! Choosing the perfect gift can sometimes be a daunting task, luckily the friendly elves at Mario’s have got your back!

    We’ve compiled 7 of the hottest gifts that kids from 1 to 92 would be overjoyed to receive this holiday season.

    1. Nintendo Classic Mini Relive the good old days of console gaming with Nintendo’s newest creation, it plays all the old school Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers and Contra. Set to be released just in time for Christmas 2016, it’s sure to be have gamers lining up to buy. In case you forgot ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA 😉
    1. Peppa Pig Young children are going crazy for the lovable pig and her younger brother Georgge; and the related toys are sure to please this year, the Peppa Pig Deluxe House is currently one of Amazon.com’s best sellers
    1. TV/Movie Merchandise Whether it’s The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or The Avengers; 2016 has been a great year for entertainment, and people have been absorbed by their favorite movies and shows all year. Finding that perfect piece of memorabilia is a great way to show the fan in your life that you’ve put some thought into your present, it could be a House Stark hoody or a Transformers mug, they’ll be super impressed!
    1. Food For the foodie in your life, what could be better than a hand-picked selection of their favorite treats, bonus points if you make them yourself. Grab a basket, some ribbon and bake up some sweet goodies to fill it with. Don’t have time to put one together? Give the gift of Mario’s, no wrapping required! It’s a gesture that’ll be sure to warm their heart and make their Christmas merrier!
    1. LEGO Those fun, colorful blocks that you grew up with are still developing creativity in young minds and have been updated with several movie themes like Star Wars. Adults are also getting in on the fun, some of the more advanced LEGO sets are suitable for more mature builders, a set for every family member would be totally awesome. The family that builds together, stays together!
    1. Drones The popularity of these flying wonders has grown massively in recent years, with advances in technology making them cheaper to own; more people are taking to the skies and recording their own aerial videos. Just make sure they fly it outside, Christmas trees and drones don’t mix!
    1. Wine/Spirits Nothing livens up a Christmas party like Parang music, and with the liquor flowing, things can really get pumping in short order. Giving them a bottle of their favorite drink will definitely have them feeling the holiday vibes!

    That wraps up our 2016 gift list, sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ face this Christmas morning. We’re sure that whatever you decide on, they’ll be happy to receive it, after all it’s the thought that counts.

    Happy Shopping!