Holiday Hacks

Christmas is really one of the most magical times of the year, and we’re so excited that it’s right around the corner. So much so, that we’ve compiled a list of 10 DIY (do it yourself) tips for making your life easier during the festive season!


  1. Old aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes are great for putting cookies in, put some festive wrapping paper and a bow on it and you’ve got a sweet gift that’s sure to delight
  2. Wrap Christmas lights around a clothes hanger before packing them away, no tangled strings to battle with next year
  3. Blend up some candy canes for a quick and easy way to add some peppermint magic to your ponche de crème, hot cocoa for Christmas
  4. Add wrapping paper to an empty cardboard box for a more festive looking trash bin for Christmas morning cleanup!
  5. Hang Christmas decorations from your light fixtures to turn them into a yuletide chandelier
  6. Christmas cookie cutters are great for making your fudge and brownies even more festive
  7. Double-sided tape makes for a more professional looking wrap job, it’ll look like Santa’s elves did it themselves
  8. Instead of buying cards for friends and family, print a picture of the two of you together and use that as a card
  9. Giving doesn’t have to mean buying. Gifts that you made yourself can often mean more to the receiver
  10. Make a list and check it twice! Be sure that you are not over spending as the month of January will be a long one!