Illuminating the World: Divali 2018

Lit Deyas

The festival of lights also known as Divali, is almost here and we’re excited to start lighting up! As part of Trinidad and Tobago’s rich cultural mosaic, we’re truly blessed to play host to several diverse festivals and feast days. If you’re new to Divali, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to have a fun, yet safe festival experience.

Safety Tips:

  1. To avoid accidents with fire or any sparks, make sure that you wear cotton clothes and stay away from all kinds of synthetic material.
  2. Wear earplugs while going out to avoid any damage to your hearing, especially if you have sensitive ears.
  3. Secure all pets that may become alarmed by the loud noises.
  4. Always keep a first aid kit handy, be sure to include burn ointments and salves.
  5. Always keep some water and sand in store, near where you’re lighting fireworks for extinguishing rogue fireworks.
  6. Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields and avoid dry shrubbery and leaves that can easily catch on fire.
  7. Make sure you purchase good quality firecrackers from licensed sellers. With quality fireworks, there is a reduced chance of any kind of mishaps taking place.  Note that there is always a risk and that proper preparations should be taken to prevent injury and damage to property.