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    Pizza and Personality

    According to women’s lifestyle website Little Things, your choice of pizza topping says something about your character. The site quotes Medical Daily as stating, “Eating preferences can be a doorway to your personality.” They attribute this to the fact that taste is intricately connected to the central nervous system, which is responsible for everything from our emotions to our behaviour. Do you agree? Let’s see.


    You are someone who knows how to stand your ground and stick to your guns.  You are reliable and dependable but you may worry a little too much.


    You have a lackadaisical approach to life, not getting bogged down with worry or anxiety. You are not cocky, just comfortable in the skin you’re in.


    You are likely an open person, who is easy to talk with and relate to. People likely flock to you because you are so giving of your time, energy, and love.


    You are likely someone who cares deeply about your loved ones. You’ve definitely got a fun side.


    Your meat lover preference shows that you are loud and proud. You are very vocal about your feelings and your opinions


    A veggie lover may be sensitive, but it doesn’t mean you’re a baby. You just have easy access to your emotions, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


    With so much topping on one pizza, there certainly is something for everyone. You also have a hunger for life and an excitement that is an inspiration to those around you.