Pizza and Picong!

Carnival 2019 is in full swing, and with a long season this year there is no shortage of fetes to go to along with a bumper crop of Soca hits to keep the vibes pumping 24/7! Among this year’s Soca, we’re happy to see a revival in the art of Picong. According to Wikipedia, “Picong or Piquant is light comical banter, usually at someone else’s expense. It is the way in which West Indians (particularly those in the Eastern Caribbean) tease, heckle and mock each other in a friendly manner.”

Carnival 2019 promises to have no shortage of bacchanal as longtime soca rivals Machel Montano and Neil “Iwer” George have taken to the internet, radio and the stage to air their grievances with each other. Fete patrons will be delighted as the two “throw talk” for each other at their various performances throughout the season, and any event featuring both artistes is sure to be well worth the price of admission.

Taking their musical feud public is one of the core aspects of our culture of Picong, and unlike their North American Hip Hop counterparts, only lyrical jabs will be thrown. This is a testament to the easygoing nature of Trinis, or as the Ultimate Rejects so famously put it in 2017 “We Jammin Still!”.

All eyes will be on Machel or Dr. Mashup as he’s calling himself these days, when he takes the stage at his mega concert Machel Monday (February 25th) as his usual theatrics and pageantry will be amped up in the wake of this musical feud with Iwer. The cast has yet to be confirmed but one can guess that Iwer George the self-proclaimed Water Lord will be in attendance to bless the crowds with “water and hand” and the evening; as well as the subsequent Carnival Monday and Tuesday will make for one of the most entertaining Carnivals yet!