Post-Carnival Cooldown

With Carnival 2020 in the rear-view mirror, we found it a good time to explore what to do with your life now that the big trucks are parked and the stage is back to being good (and stored away securely).


Continue living the fit life!

So you’re ready to hang up your gym clothes until the post-Christmas run-up to Carnival 2021, but wait, hear us out! Suppose you made your newfound fitness a lifestyle and not just an annual routine? Imagine 365 days of healthy living, complete with all the endorphins that you enjoy after every workout, seems like a sweet life, doesn’t it? You don’t even have to give up your favorite pizza either, as Mario’s offers healthier options like multigrain pizza! Your fit life doesn’t have to end on Ash Wednesday, your heart and your doctor will thank you!


Start planning your children’s Easter Holidays

Before you know it, the kids will be off school and you’ll be looking for things to keep them occupied while they’re at home on holiday. With most schools scheduled to close from April 3rd to 20th this year, it might be helpful to start putting things in place to have your children supervised for this period. Alternatively, if you have vacation time you’d like to use, maybe start making plans for a fun family getaway or staycation.


More Carnival Please!

Of course, if you’re still feeling the effects of the fete bug, there’s a plethora of other regional Carnivals to look forward to in 2020. The next being Jamaica Carnival which takes place on April 16th-20th, followed by Cayman Islands Carnival on the 2nd weekend of May. St. Lucia’s will be on July 15th-22nd and then possibly the next biggest Carnival celebration after T&T’s will be Barbados’ Cropover Festival which is from July 30th to August 4th. So start saving and contact your travel agent if you want to make it to any of these!