• What do you think of our new salads?


    Now that the hectic Carnival season is in the rear view, Trinis are taking time to reflect and relax.

    Many of us take this time to slow down after the pace of Carnival, which can involve spending more time at home, or even letting our pockets recover from the season’s expenses, which seem to increase with each passing year. Hopefully you heeded the advice in our Feting on a Budget blog and are sitting pretty this month.

    One particular tradition celebrated in T&T is that of Lent. Although a Roman Catholic observance, the period immediately following Carnival is often used by people of all faiths to take a break from the usual revelry and indulgence that we as Trinis are accustomed to.

    This can take the form of giving up something that we enjoy, like sweets or alcohol; while others might give up things like meat. Mario’s is pleased to make this time of sacrifice a little more bearable by introducing Smoked Herring Pizza. As islanders, fish has long been a staple food for those abstaining from meat, adding one of Trinis’ favorite types of fish to Trinidad’s #1 Pizza just seems natural, the response thus far has been extremely positive. Have you tried it yet?