Russia 2018!

World Cup 2018 is upon us and the entire globe is consumed with football fever. T&T is no exception, despite not having qualified for this year’s tournament, we’ve all got our favourite adopted countries. Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain being a few of the more well-supported teams among Trinis and the fan rivalries can get intense.

Having only qualified for the World Cup once in our footballing history, Trinis have taken to supporting their own favourites and everyone has their personal reasons for why they like one team over another.

Perennial favourites like Brazil enjoy a lot of support due to their style of play. They are colloquially known as the “Samba Boys” because of their football flair with intricate dribbling. They are truly entertaining to watch play.

Other teams enjoy support due to the players and the clubs they play for. For example, many Trinis are fans of Lionel Messi and his Spanish club Barcelona FC. As a result, you will find a lot of supporters for both Messi’s country of Argentina as well as Spain due to the number of Barcelona players on the team.

From June 14th to July 15th, Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. With a seven-hour time difference, most of the games will be in the mornings and afternoons for us here in Trinidad. Whether you’re enjoying the games at home or at work, Mario’s has a great deal that’ll be sure to keep the excitement levels up. The Ultimate Deal features 3 Large Specialty Pizzas and 2 x 2L Soft Drinks for just $300.

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