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    Summer Fun for Everyone!

    The July-August holidays are upon us, and while the nation is enjoying a reprieve from the usually hectic traffic that accompanies the school term, parents are now looking for ways to occupy the kids during the summer months. Fear not, as we’re here to help with some fun suggestions that will have the days whizzing by, September will be here faster than you can say “Back-to-school Sale!”

    Summer Camps

    Enrolling your children in a Summer Camp is an excellent way to ensure they have fun in a supervised environment and do a bit of learning during their time off from school. Many camps have an educational slant to them, which is awesome for students that need to catch up on their academic studies, however “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” still applies, so it’s best to choose one that has a good enough balance to keep your child stimulated and engaged.

    Creative Arts and Science camps are invaluable in helping fledgling artists to find their voice or young engineers to discover their future academic paths. In recent years, several of these specialized camps have sprung up, so there is no shortage of variety in choosing one that fits your child’s interests.

    Another option that provides even more balance is to enroll your kids in a recreational summer camp during the day and supplement that with extra lessons in the evenings, they’ll be all tuckered out by the night time, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet with your spouse!

    Family Staycation/Vacation

    Balancing a career, the kids, the dog, housework and just life in general can be stressful, what better time to take a vacation than when the kids are out of school? The memories you make together and the relaxation and enjoyment that this provides is truly priceless. Whether it’s a family trip to Disney World, or a simple Mayaro getaway, the possibilities are endless and they don’t need to break the bank either, just don’t forget to get a babysitter for your pets!