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    You: a work in progress

    Benjamin Franklin once said “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”
    These words often ring true for people of all walks of life, so just how do we continue to improve ourselves?
    Here are 5 sure fire ways to begin your journey of self-improvement!

    • Learn a 2nd (or third) language – With advances in technology, becoming bilingual has become easier than ever, free sites and apps like DuoLingo make it easy to learn a new language. Speaking a 2nd language aids in the cognitive process as the brains of bilingual people operate differently those that can speak only one language.
    • Pick up a hobby – Are you moderately “into” anything? Have you ever thought of pursuing it more seriously? Aside from the emotional benefits of enjoying your downtime participating in your hobby, there are physical health benefits associated with hobbies; these include lower blood pressure and cortisol.
    • Learn to play an instrument – Have a knack for music, maybe you enjoyed music class back in primary school but packed away your recorder when you went to “Big” school. Learning to play a musical instrument has several benefits. It’s been proven to stimulate brain activity, improve math skills as well as increase coordination and memory.
    • Develop positive habits – it takes roughly 30 days for a habit to become automatic, remember to start simple, don’t try to change your life completely in one day; you’ll just frustrate yourself and be sure to remind yourself at the halfway point of your new commitment.
    • Read more – Turn off the TV/Netflix! Reading can be a great source of enjoyment in your leisure time. In addition to the entertainment value, reading also helps with comprehension and aids in building vocabulary. The mental benefits of reading are too numerous to count, as Susan Wigg once said “You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.”

    We wish you the best on your journey, be sure to share any tips that you may have with us via our Facebook page!